Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Hi daddy! This is your little girl.

I’m all grown up now, but still yours.


I don’t know that much about you, except that you didn’t stay.

I’ve never known if this was true or just what people say.


I’ve always wondered what you look like, since no one has a picture.

They say that I’m your twin, I look nothing like my mom or sisters.


Mom says you played the guitar, that you were sweet, and very gentle.

That must be where I get it from, I can be so sentimental.


You’ve taught me so much in your absence, like how to be okay without you.

I can fall down ten times, but get right back up because that’s what I’ve learned how to.


I’ve done so much with my life since you’ve been gone. You’d be so very proud.

I’ve become an excellent mom, gone to college with honors, and just like you with your guitar, I can steal a crowd.


My sister used to tell me, before she passed away,

that if you heard me sing for just one second you’d be here to stay.

She told me that you loved me, even if you don’t know how.

That one day if we meet, you’d be sorry for your doubts.


I’ll be one year older soon, and there’s nothing I want more,

than to meet you and to hug you, and no longer wonder what I’m looking for.


I have a little girl now too, and her father isn’t here.

For her to feel what I’ve felt all this time is one of my greatest fears.


Sure, she’ll probably be okay. I turned out just fine.

I’m happy and unbroken and I’ve stood the test of time.


But my worry is not what will happen if you or her father are not there.

It’s what could she be, what could I have been, if life wasn’t so unfair?


You see, we didn’t ask for this. To live the life of the forsaken.

It’s not our choice, but yours and his to be so sadly mistaken.


I’m not asking you for much, and I don’t expect your love.

I just want to meet you, that will be enough.


To see your face and feel your touch, that is my elixir.

No one knows, not even her, why the love she’s never had can always fix her.