Spectacular Celebration

I wanted to do something spectacular to show my appreciation, so I decided to throw my only son, Darius, an extravagant celebration for his 5th birthday party. It had to be great. I wanted to do a carnival theme, something different with a lot of colors, food, and fun. My baby is highly intelligent for his age and speaks very politely. He stands about 42” tall and is a shade lighter than me. He’s joyous, compassionate, and very outgoing. There is never a dull moment with him. That snagged tooth smile would melt your heart. He has been such a good kid and is doing very well in school, so I felt he deserved it.

It was the morning of October 5, 2015. The skies were thick grey, like smoke, and the temperature was overall chilly. I rented a huge gymnasium because I needed the extra space. I was running late trying to get the last minute details together for his party. I needed beverages, ice, tape, forks, spoons, and a few other things. I was under so much pressure that I began to cry. My baby then walked up to me, and gently wiped my tears. I didn’t want him to see me crying, so I pulled myself together and started with our day.

Once we made it to the gymnasium, me and my baby were flooded with excitement. Behind the double grey doors that looked orange due to the peeling paint there it was. A huge arch made of red, blue, green, and yellow balloons met you at the door with the red carpet leading guests to the fun and games. Inside there were several tables decorated with carnival themed table cloths and colorful balloon columns topped with clown heads. Two of the tables were filled with candy boxes, funny hats, party favors and prizes. Another table was specifically for candy, it had a variety of every colored gumball, rock candy, lollipops, and gummy bears. In the back, I had a huge bouncy house; my baby seen that and asked ‘Mommy is that for me? The look on his face was priceless. He took off running to the bouncy house.

I had the popcorn and cotton candy machine set up to the far left side of the gym, along with the games and gifts. His cake was amazing, which it spelled out his nickname “DINK” with the number 5 below it. The cake was the exact colors as the party theme. It looked really nice. I had games such as pin the nose on the clown, pin the tail on the donkey, sack racing, and egg relay. I even went all out by filling up a bucket of water and dropping 15 rubber ducky’s marked from $1 to $15 dollars inside the water. The kids had to get blindfolded in order to play. The popcorn machine gave me 50 servings and the cotton candy machine gave us a total of 100 servings. I was overwhelmed by all the kids wanting cotton candy and popcorn.

By the time we got to the party my baby couldn’t be still. He was so excited and surprised because he didn’t think he was having a big party. All that day he kept repeating to me saying, thank you mommy, you’re the best; this is my favorite birthday. He had a smile on his face, which put a smile on mine. The kids were running around, the music was playing, and everybody was having a nice time. We had a dance contest, played the games, then sang happy birthday. Just when I thought I couldn’t pull it off, I did great like expected. My baby said to me to not worry and everything will be perfect. Indeed it was, my baby enjoyed every minute of it. That party will be something to remember. My baby is still reminiscing about all the fun he had, asking can he do it again for his next birthday. He made me feel wonderful by letting me know he enjoyed himself.