People normally would say their parents are their favorite relatives; however, I am the exception. If my grandmother were a lioness, I would be her only cub. My grandmother is a very important person in my life.  She is more like my mother than my grandmother. She is sweet like honey and her heart is as big as the sea; consequently, she was built on sweetness. We have such a strong relationship because I lived with her since I was a newborn. My grandmother is my favorite family member because she is a beautiful and devoted woman.

Shirley Felton, also known as grandma, has always been beautiful to me.  Her jet-black and grey hair hangs down her 5’6 frame like her most prized possession. My grandmother’s brown eyes glow with warmth and love. However, they flash red when she is mad. Her almond complexion glows against the sunlight every morning as she opens the curtains to our house. To be 80 years old, her smooth skin has little to no wrinkles. She has a smile that spreads such joy and sunshine. For example, her smile can bring such calm and peace to heavy hearts. I love when her gentle lavender scented, always-manicured hands touch my face as she kisses my cheeks with her cocoa butter flavored lips. Lastly, her laugh is as loud as a horn, but as colorful as a rainbow. When something is uncontrollably funny to her, she will have fat tears rolling down her high cheek and she can barely breath.

My grandmother is very devoted to her family and she always reminds me that family is forever. When my mother became ill, my grandmother was there for me. Every morning when I was a little girl, I was always awakening up to the smell of Folgers’ coffee.  Or the “ti ti dik dik” noise her house shoes would make, because she was walking like a busy baby chick on the freshly mopped and waxed floor. I would come downstairs and see her sitting at the counter with her legs crossed, doing her crossword puzzle with her right hand, and have her coffee in her left with her glasses at the bridge of her nose.

Another reason why I know my grandmother is devoted is because around the holidays, she makes sure we all are together. For instance, on Thanksgiving, she invites my great aunties over before everyone else to prepare dinner and talk about the good times. As they sit around this vintage dining room table from their childhood, laughter is spread like a common cold. But when the rest of the family arrives, they would break into old school dance moves accompanied by old generation tunes. All the while, I’ll look over and see grandma sitting there with the biggest smile that could reach God’s feet.

I admire the characteristics that my grandmother has blessed upon me. I never realized the importance of my grandmother until I got older. My grandmother’s beauty, love, and devotion are something I hope to have if I am blessed to live as long as her. I am grateful that she protects me like a cub,  is sweet to me like honey and has love for me as big as the sea.