One rainy  night in  Winter of 1980 I came home and found my  wife was missing. I became hysterical. I called some  of her close friends, but I got no leads. Then, I turned to relatives but no luck. Finally, I called the police.  They said all they could for me was list her  as a missing person. I retired to bed, hugged a pillow  and tried to sleep, but sleep evaded me also. I started feeling hungry, so I went  into the kitchen  to prepare something to eat  only to discover that the kitchen had no knives.  I was left in a house without a wife and a kitchen without a knife. I went  back to bed  and cried  myself to sleep. I dreamt my  wife was back, and we were having dinner. I woke up and found out  it was a dream.  I grabbed my Bible and turned to Ecclesiastes 3, which says, “There is a time for everything  and a season for every activity under heaven”  (NIV Chap : 1). I asked myself,  “What kind of  season  is this for me?”

Then, in the Spring of 1990, just when flowers started blooming and  birds started singing, I came home from work. As I approached  the gate, I saw a light on  in the house. I drew a little closer, then I heard a voice saying,  “Don’t be afraid. It’s me” I said, “What are you doing  here?” My wife replied, “come inside.” As I got inside, she started telling me a bibical story  about the  prodigal son whose  father  thought was lost, but  has now been found; therefore, his father made a welcome home feast for  him. (St Luke Chap 15, NIV). She then said, “Here is your prodigal.” I was dumbfounded. My wife had made dinner, so we ate and retired  to bed. The dream about returning home and having  dinner had come  true.

Written by Roy Barrett, English 098 G, Spring 2011